The Seed

by recursor (LD28 December 2013 )


Three weeks after the passing of your grandfather you receive a package in the mail. Wondering what it could be, you hurry into your office and grab the box cutter. The box flaps give way and out comes a dirt-filled pot, a letter, and a strange looking seed protected in a plastic box.


Ensure that the plant has enough of each of the 3 elements it needs to grow. Note the 3 bars in the upper right corner. Each is divided into 3 zones that represents how long the plant has been lacking (below the left-most vertical bar), adequate (between the 2 vertical bars), or lavished (to the right of the vertical bar) in the particular element. Play around with getting the bars in different zone combinations to see what kind of berries you can produce! There are two stories behind each berry that you find.

Note: There are 15 different kinds of berries and each can be identified by its shape and color.

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