by recursor (LD30 August 2014 )


You were born to be a planetary resources trader. At least that's what your mom says. In any case, you have been given the chance of a lifetime. Planetary governments trade because they need to but also because it gets them the one thing all leaders want - influence. You have been granted 1 trade lane per planet so use it wisely and increase you influence. Obtain the most influence in a system and your planet wins. Yay planet!


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WASD - Move Camera

Q/E - Camera Up/Down

X or mousewheel - show possible trade routes for a highlighted planet or your planet.

Left mouse - Select planet to trade with

Right mouse - Zoom camera to the selected planet

Right mouse + drag - Move camera

ScrollWheel - Zoom in/out

M - Mute music


- Rival planets will try to supply their needs first.

- Rival planets will not initiate a trade with you.

- Rival planets have a limited trading radius. Use X or mousewheel to see their allowed trade routes.

- If you have an outgoing trade route to another planet and that planet has one or more outgoing trade routes to other planets, you will get half of the influence points for those trade routes. Think of it as secondary influence points.

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